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Celebrating the arrival, formally naming, and introducing a new, unique and precious person to the ‘world’ is important. A tradition that stretches back throughout history, but it doesn’t have to be tied to any religion or belief system. A family ceremony held soon after a birth is an occasion to celebrate the baby’s safe arrival. It is also an opportunity for the parents, relatives and friends to welcome the new arrival and to declare their commitment to protecting and promoting the welfare of their child. Some parents like to wait and combine the naming with their child. Several babies among a group of friends have a shared ceremony of welcome together. At the ceremony parents can declare, in their own words, their commitment to the new arrival and their acceptance of responsibility for the child’s well-being during the years leading to maturity.

“our future in their hands”

You may decide to have one or more friends to act as ‘mentors’, or ‘guardians‘ as secular ‘god parents’. Their role is to take a special interest in the child’s development and to give support to the parents, and can be there as a ‘shoulder’ for the child outside the immediate family circle. They can also sign the certificate as witnesses.

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home why? weddings funerals gay affirmations sssi